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About Our Company
Foreign Nurse, Inc. is a daughter company of American corporation Foreign Consultants, Inc. (Foreign Nurse, Inc), which has been operating in the US field of International Education since 1989. Foreign Nurse, Inc is mainly engaged in International Credential Evaluation Services producing written certification of equivalency of foreign education to the American standards useful for: immigration, education, employment and licensure in the USA. In addition Foreign Nurse, Inc is nationally recognized for its competent international education consulting as well as all languages translation services.

Foreign Nurse, Inc is an active member of these most distinguished and prestigious American National and International associations dealing with the Globalization of the World Higher Education:
  • NAFSA - National Association of Foreign educators
  • EAIE - European Association of International Education
  • ATA - American Translators Association
  • R-AMA - Russian American Medical Association

    Foreign Nurse, Inc. (Foreign Nurse, Inc Global) was created with the purpose to prepare Nurses from all the countries of the world for licensure in the USA with subsequent employment in the American Health Care System.

    The activity of the company includes:
  • Training foreign Nurses, permanently residing in the USA, for Illinois State required tests (NCLEX, TOEFL) in order to receive the Registered Nurse (RN) license in the United States
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  • Internet-course training foreign Nurses for State required tests(CGFNS and/or NCLEX) in order to receive the Registered Nurse (RN) license in the United States More Info
  • International program
    "Sisters, Save America" (SSA) training foreign Nurses from former USSR countries, Israel, and Eastern Europe for State required tests (CGFNS and/or NCLEX, TOEFL) with subsequent employment in the American Health Care System
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  • U.S. Department of Labor
    Bureau of Labor
    Occupational Outlook Handbook
    Registered Nurses
  • Registered Nurses constitute the largest health care occupation, with 2,4 million jobs
  • About 3 out of 5 jobs are in hospitals
  • The three major educational paths to registered nursing are a bachelor's degree, an associate degree, and a diploma from an approved nursing program
  • Registered Nurses are projected to create the second largest number of new jobs among all occupations; job opportunities in most specialties and employment settings are expected to be excellent, with some employers reporting difficulty in attracting and retaining enough RNs
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    Median annual earnings of Registered Nurses were $52333 in 2004, and the maximal annual earnings were $74760.
    Median annual earnings in the industries employing the largest numbers of registered Nurses in 2004 were as follows:
  • Employment services$63170
  • General medical and surgical hospitals$53450
  • Home health care services$48990
  • Offices of physicians$48250
  • Nursing care facilities$48220
    Many employers offer flexible work schedules, childcare, educational benefits, and bonuses. Nurses and their families have excellent medical insurance.
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    Nursing Shortage
    in the USA

    109th CONGRESS
    1st Session
    H. R. 139
    January 4, 2005
    A BILL
    "Health Improvements and Professional Act of 2005."

  • The Department of Labor has identified registered nurses has one of the top 5 job growth occupations in the United States
  • More than 1000000 new and replacement Nurses will be needed by 2012
  • By the year 2012, at least 44 States will be experiencing a nursing shortage
  • Harvard University reports that the nursing shortage is a leading cause of medical error
  • In spite of this documented need for registered Nurses, enrollments in baccalaureate nursing programs at colleges and universities across the United States have declined for 5 consecutive years
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    National Supply and Demand Projections
    U.S. Department of
    Health and Human Services

    In 2000, the National supply of registered nurses was estimated at 1,89 million while the demand was estimated at 2 million, a shortage of 110000 or 6 percent. Based on what is known about trends in the supply of RNs and their anticipated demand, the shortage is expected to grow relatively slowly until 2010, by which time it will have reached 12 percent. At that point demand will begin to exceed supply at an accelerated rate and by 2015 the shortage, a relatively modest 6 percent in the year 2000, will have almost quadrupled to 20 percent. If not addressed, and if current trends continue, the shortage is projected to grow to 29 percent by 2020.
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    International Program "Sisters, Save America"

    Nurses from former USSR countries, Eastern Europe,
    and Israel are invited
    to work in the USA!

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