Message from Our President, Annette Epstein

MS, MBA in Executive International Business Management
(Member of NAFSA, AEA, EAIE, ATA)

Dear Friends!

Our country experiences the strongest shortage of Registered Nurses. Moreover, it increases at no time! The number of retired people in the USA permanently and rapidly grows. Therefore, the necessity for their care harshly grows as well.

Today Registered Nurses in the USA are much more than ever in demand, comparing with Physicians, Lawyers, and Programmers. And they earn much more than many professionals graduated from our top universities.

Contemporary world offers many opportunities for Registered Nurse professionals. Licensure as a Registered Nurse in the United States helps to gain the competitive edge necessary to achieve your career goals. Foreign Nurse Department will help you to open the door to a world of opportunity and make all professional dreams come true.

All Foreign Nurses, interested to develop their professional skills and improve standards of life, are invited to call my company - Foreign Consultants, LLC (Foreign Nurse Department)!

Our company helps Foreign Nurses from all over the world to start brilliant professional Health Care career in the United States of America!

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