Resumes for Nurses with Substantial Gap in Nursing Experience

  1. As soon as you get a license you seek for an employment
  2. A lot of Foreign Nurses after getting LPN/RN licenses face problems with finding FIRST JOB in Health care Industry.
  3. It is 100% due to the reluctance of Health Care Facility to employ
    1. Totally inexperienced Nurse
    2. Nurse with a large break in work experience
    3. Nurse, who is stating Engineering, Teaching or Cleaning Services and Taxi/Truck Driving !!! experience in their working history      
    4. Truthful but absolutely not related information to the Nursing profession
  4. Resume, executed by Foreign Nurse consultants can eliminate all distracting information and concentrate Human Resources on the issues, they are looking for immediate hire with the elevated experience and required skill
  5. Our Resumes helped all of our Foreign Nurses to obtain top desired positions for the top dollars at their level
  6. View Sample of Foreign Nurse Resume

The purpose of a resume is to disclose your accomplishments and qualifications to the admissions committee. Think of your resume as a promotional brochure about you. You need to show the committee what you have accomplished and where your experience lies. Your strategy should be to emphasize the experience and skills that a particular employer is looking for. Your resume is also an example of your communication and organizational skills.

  1. Be careful because you probably didn’t work for a long a time as a Nurse
  2. Sometimes your experience as CNA, Nurse Tech, Surgery Tech can be helpful
  3. Professionally developed resume best possible description of your knowledge and abilities in the nursing field will:
    • - Easier get your desired employment
    • - Definitely will affect your pay rate
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