Translation of Nursing and/or Medical Education and Syllabuses

  • There are a lot of translation companies on the Internet
  • But only few can be used for Translations of Documentation  for the State Boards of Nursing
  • Translation of Foreign Nurse educational documents is crucial part of the process of getting approved to sit for NCLEX LPN/RN exam: every word in your Diploma and Transcript, starting from your title: (Nurse, General Nurse, Senior Nurse, Medical Nurse) must match wording required in the USA
  • If your Educational Course is wrongly translated –it won’t be accepted, and you will end up with the demand to repeat this Course in the USA.
  • This extremely inconvenient, lengthy and expensive process:
    1. find Nursing College close to your home
    2. wait for the Theoretical part of the Course to be available
    3. wait for the place in the Theoretical part of the Course to be available
    4. wait for the Clinical part of the Course to be available
    5. wait for the Clinical place in this Course to be available
    6. pay $2000-$3000 for the Course; $400 for the book; couple of hundred monthly for gas
    7. waste plenty of personal time
  • Same is about Non-Nursing courses. Wrong translations can create problems and then to repeat these courses in American colleges which cost thousands of dollars and a lot of time.
  • California Board of Nursing; Verification Companies: E.R.E.S, IERF, Josef Silny and Associates require syllabuses for each subject. These syllabuses are not available with any foreign transcript.

Foreign Nurse specialists with their more than decade experience can help you to overcome those obstacles and create paperwork to be accepted.

If you do it with somebody who doesn’t know the specifications you lose not just this chance but you will never submit your documents for the second time because documents are already set there under your Social Security Number. 





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