Verification of Foreign Nurse Documents

Each State Board of Nursing (SBON) has designated one or a handful of companies to verify foreign nursing documents against their standards.

The Verification Companies approved by State Boards of Nursing:

  • CGFNS (Commission of Graduate Foreign Nurses Services)
  • New York Department of Education
  • California State Board of Nursing
  • E.R.E.S.
  • IERF
  • Joseph Synly and Associates

All State Boards of Nursing, except New York State Board of Nursing accept

  • CGFNS verification
  • New York State Board of Nursing does its own verification
  • California State Board of Nursing allows CGFNS and does its own verification
  • Illinois State Board of Nursing allows two companies for verification: CGFNS and E.R.E.S

The Foreign Nursing Documents verification requirements and procedures are totally different at the Verification Companies:

  • Complicated and secretive
  • The State Boards of Nursing criteria are undisclosed
  • The requirements for translations of original documents completely differ:
    1. must be done by CGFNS for $85 per page, or
    2. translated by Foreign Nursing School, or
    3. performed by ATA (American Translation Association) members
  • Syllabus (course description) is demanded:
    1. for each completed Course, or
    2. for the Nursing Courses only, or
    3. California State Board of Nursing requires geriatric component to be inserted in Syllabus for each Nursing Course!!!
  • High School Education preceding Nursing Education is required to be sometimes 10 years and sometimes 12 years
  • Nowadays some State Boards of Nursing are looking on the time frame passed from the day of graduation from Nursing School to the day of Application for Licensure     
  • CGFNS is sending letters to the Nursing School authorities to verify signatures and stamps, which Nursing Schools consider humiliation and don’t want to do
  • New York State Board of Nursing does verification through three departments

Now some State Boards of Nursing have requirements on:

  1. Hours of Nursing Courses
  2. Theory
  3. Clinical
  4. Labs
  5. Timeframe of when Theory, Clinical and Labs courses are done

If you are submitting paperwork to any of Verification Companies you can end up:

  • Documents and even Original documents lost in mail or bureaucratic files
  • Translations not accepted
  • Old and new Names of the Foreign Nursing Schools not matching
  • Spending huge amount of time on processing
  • Spending a lot of unnecessary money for the:
    1.  Application fees
    2.  Translation fees
    3.  Foreign Nursing School fees
    4.  DHL postage fees
  •  Verification rejected by your State Board of Nursing
  •  Being unable to send appropriately changed documents by your Foreign Nursing School second time to the same place, because previously submitted documents are kept for years under your Social Security Number.

If you don’t want to fail with Verification of your Nursing Documents you will never do it on your own. Foreign Nurse Inc. gives 100% guarantee that your documents will be approved to sit for NCLEX (LPN/RN) exam.

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