CGFNS International

CGFNS International serves the global healthcare community by providing a comprehensive suite of credential assessment products to meet specific needs. As a trusted source for over 35 years, healthcare professionals and organizations rely on CGFNS expertise to deliver accurate and dependable service.

What is the Credentials Evaluation Service Professional Report?

  • This report meets the specific requirements of individual state boards of nursing.
  • It includes a statement of comparability of an applicant’s education when measured against U.S. standards.
  • The CGFNS International CES Professional Report provides a detailed analysis of the credentials earned at multiple levels of nursing education received outside the United States according to requirements specific to a state. Nurses use this service for licensure, immigration, and employment purposes.

Benefits of a Credentials Evaluation Service Professional Report?

  • The CES Professional Report serves as a valuable tool for regulatory/licensing agencies, specialty certification authorities, immigration attorneys, prospective employers and others.
  • It also helps qualified applicants demonstrate the merits of their credentials with regard to U.S. standards, facilitating their pursuit of career opportunities in the United States.

Required Documents

Required Documents for the Credentials Evaluation Service Professional Report generally include:

Secondary School Information

  • During the application, you need to submit a photocopy of your secondary school diploma or external exam certificate for the highest level of secondary education you have received.

Diploma & Transcript  Information

  • Validations of all licenses/registrations/diplomas are required. This includes:
  • Licenses/registrations/diplomas that are currently held, or have ever been held
  • Licenses/registrations/diplomas in all international jurisdictions
  • Only licenses/registrations/diplomas for the profession that is being screened

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